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New Zealand

Paulo Ferreira is planning a new expedition to produce a short documentary. The site will be New Zealand and he is currently seeking sponsors who are interested in supporting this new project. Paulo Ferreira plans to make a film about the natives of the region, as well as show the fabulous landscapes of the "North and South Islands", in a perspective that shows the relationship between the Maori people, nature and the universe. Paulo Ferreira will try to find the land os spirits... He counts on your support.

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Patagónia - The Tip Of The World

On 3rd of November, 2017 at 9:30 PM in the Gondomar Municipal Auditorium, will be the official premiere of the short documentary on timelapse technique / video "Patagonia - The Tip Of The World". It will be the launching of Paulo Ferreira its photography book, the memories of his adventure on Argentina and Chile lands. Paulo Ferreira is the author of "Nordlys" (, a short film also in the same technique, awarded a little worldwide.
This film contains a very current message, the narration of which is by Conrad Harvey. The need for our planet preservation. The need to make decisions, otherwise it may be too late to reverse climate change.

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